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Family Owned and Operated for over 30 Years

The company "Hovan The Sealing Man" was started over 30 years ago by my father, Reg Hovan. I helped my father for many years and in doing so, I mastered every facet of the business. I eventually took over the business and through additional marketing, as well as consistent and quality work and word of mouth advertising, we became one of the largest and most trusted seal coating businesses in the Lehigh valley!!

My son Hamilton is the "Backbone" of our business. He is a full-time worker and eventually will become a third-generation owner. My wife Jen is also a Huge help as she and I give our own estimates all summer long. People often ask "what is the difference between you and some of the other big seal coating companies?" My response is simple. I am the owner and I am on every single job. My philosophy is that even as an owner, I am never too big to do the smallest task on any job!

So when I hang my name at the end of your driveway, you can rest assured you got a great price and excellent workmanship. I look forward to seeing you soon and answering any questions you may have as we help extend the life of your driveway.

Our Services

Asphalt Seal Coating

Asphalt Seal Coating

Line Striping

Line Striping

Crack Treatment

Crack Treatment


  • Why should I seal my driveway or parking lot?
  • Name a product that is conclusive to oxidation and you most likely will find a protective coating on it. This is also true with asphalt. Even though asphalt pavement has a relatively long life, it is a porous material and does allow for moisture entry is not properly sealed.

  • How often should I have my driveway seal coated?
  • In general, asphalt should be sealed every two years, depending on the amount and type of wear, traffic, weather, etc.

  • I just had my driveway paved. How long should I wait to have my driveway seal coated?
  • Asphalt should be sealed within the first year of installation. However, it should be allowed to cure for at least 90 days.

  • Do I have to be home on the day my driveway work is scheduled?
  • No, as long as the driveway is clear of all vehicles, we can complete your job.

  • Is oil-based sealer better for my asphalt?
  • NO! In general they are slicker to walk on and not as durable as coal tar sealers and because they contain solvents, oil-based sealers can actually damage asphalt pavements.

  • How long should I stay off the driveway after services are completed?
  • The usual time required to stay off the surface of your driveway is 24-48 hours after completion of the job. However, this will vary based on the season and the temperature.

  • Will putting a real thick coat of sealer on my asphalt benefit me?
  • While it is very important to put a “good” coat on your driveway, an excess of sealer will result in “spider” cracks, Thus, causing the sealer to “flake-up” and make the asphalt unattractive.

Other Questions

Why is seal coating necessary?

Sunlight and oxidation weaken the asphalt binder that holds blacktop surfaces together. The surface becomes brittle and hairline cracks appear. The cracks will eventually deepen, allowing water penetration and additional damage to the asphalt.

Why should you seal coat?

  • Prevents Oxidation
  • Improves Asphalt Appearance
  • Moisture
  • Prevents Gas and Oil Damage


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